Stupid rumor about Bush getting another year in office - How did it start?

I think I need to make this absolutely clear: I do not for a second buy this line of conspiracy theory crap so don’t ask me to explain it.

So one of my coworkers claimed that Bush had submitted a bill to give himself another year in office. Despite the fact that both houses of congress are controlled by the Democrats, the fact that it would never get out of committee even if Republicans controlled it, and the fact that it would destroy the Republican party more effectively than anything Bush has already done my coworker was sure it was “something he’d do”. :rolleyes:

Anyone know how this rumor would have gotten started? Dramatic misinterpretation of an actual bill? Just more conspiracy rantings like the “Bush is going to suspend the 2004 elections!” panic?

Did you ask your co-workers where they heard it? Any chance they also believe Bush was behind the 9-11 attacks?

There’s also the fact that the pesky 22nd Amendment is in the way. Any such bill would be impotent without a corresponding constitutional amendment undoing the term limits set in the 22nd.

Well I have to agree that it IS something he’d do if he could. But he can’t. I hope.

Probably in the same way as the story of the consolidated roach.

Did he hear about it just recently? Maybe he’s thinking of Hugo Chavez who, according to my paper today, just introduced a bill to the legislature to allow him to scrap presidential term limits. Link.


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[Conspiracy nutjob hat ON]
Ah, but you’re forgetting that GWB wasn’t elected POTUS in 2000, he was appointed by the Supreme Court. So the 22nd doesn’t kick in until 2012.
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Rudy Giuliani tried to pull this trick as mayor. He wanted to be the FDR of 9/11. It didn’t work.

Yeah. I got a generic “they said” and couldn’t pry any more details.

The Chavez thing seems likely. It fits the facts and he was going on about other current events. Now how someone manages to confuse GW Bush and Hugo Chavez (the two opposite ends of the crazy politician spectrum) is tough to work out.

The 22nd amendment, BTW, is 2 terms or 10 years. If our imaginary conspiracy-Bush did delay elections then it doesn’t bump into that.

An extra year? Never mind the 22nd amendment, doesn’t the original constitution set terms as being exactly 4 years long, no more no less?

Conceivably he may wish to change it to get a third term, but another year, that doesn’t even make sense.


I hate political threads but this is just silly. You can’t ask him to cite his personal feelings about the man. Or you can, but his post is his cite - for real.

Matter of fact, I happen to think he would add an extra year if he could. If he could be President-for-life I’m sure he’d like that and would jump at the chance. And I never come ranting into the political threads; I doubt if you could tell me much about my political stance at all. You gonna ask me for a cite, too?

It was a joke. Lighten up.

Didn’t read as one to me - looked like unfounded sniping to me.

OK, it’s a joke.

Carry on.

Yep, Article II Section 1.

In fairness, he only proposed a three month extension of his term, for which there was a provision in the state code. He wasn’t trying to rewrite the constitution.

And also, the 9/11 strike came on primary day, which disrupted the election process. Rudy wanted to stay on long enough for voting to take place… he wasn’t trying to stay on for another term.

Plenty of reasons to take shots at Rudy, but I don’t think this is a big one…

Too many Third World dictators have, in recent years, tried to amend their flimsy national constitutions to give themselves just one more term, or to remove term limits entirely and rule as “president for life.” The more out-there Bush haters think it could happen here. I don’t think it can, or will. Thank God.

There were similar rumors in 2000 about Clinton and the Y2K bug. Or something. That was just as batty.

Doesn’t this rumor get started around this point in every President’s administration? I remember them from around the seventh year of Clinton and Reagan’s terms.

Is it really that easy to amend constitutions of Third World / banana republic / crackpot dictatorship countries? One very good thing about the American system is the effort necessary to amend our Constitution. (Another good thing is that everybody respects the process; it wouldn’t surprise me if Hugo Chavez and his ilk don’t respect those pesky procedural rules that aim to restrain tyrrany of the majority.)

I think I saw this plot in Revenge of the Sith.