Stupid SDMB things you do

Like posting drunken time travel hypotheticals…nope, I mean more silly habits you have when browsing the Dope.

I’ve two I do every bloody time.
The first is, if I see a thread I think looks interesting I’ll instantly refresh the page to get new replies, lose where it is on the page and forgetting that when I click it it’ll show any new replies anyway.

Another one is ‘OP’, whenever I see a post about ‘OP’ I always think they mean me and take umbrage if it’s something like “OP’s a freaking idiot” until I realise hang on…I didn’t start this one.

Please tell me I’m not alone in having stupidity related specifically to this message board.

Not paying attention to which subforum I am in. I think most of my mod notes and warnings have come from acting all IMHO/MPSIMS in GQ.

For the record, I very rarely enter the subforums directly, but work from the New Posts lists, where it’s a little easier to forget where you is.

Every now and then there shows up a troll or two that I can’t help myself from feeding. I know it’s wrong, but I do it anyway. I’m too bored to not.

Spending way too long (at work) reading threads… Does that count?