Stupid Tax

Today a driver pulled out in front of me on the highway. There were no cars behind me and the driver pulling onto the highway had plenty of time. So, what does he do?? Immediately as the on-ramp pavement touches the highway he jerks his car right in front of me doing about 35 mph. I was going 70. I had to slam on my brakes and veer to the left, just missing his bumper. The funny thing was I was two lanes over from the on-ramp. I honked the horn to see if the person was awake–he never even looked over. There are so many things that people have done that if their was a stupidity tax id be rich.
rules of the stud tax:

  1. pay 25 cents for every studid thing you do.
  2. pay the person that caught you in a stupid act.

This is General Questions.

You owe me 25 cents.

Gypsy: Tom, I don’t get you.
Tom Servo: Nobody does. I’m the wind, baby.

I always liked George Carlin’s idea that we all carry around little guns that shoot darts with a flag that says “idiot” on them. When someone accumulates three idiot flags, they get a ticket for being an asshole.

Was that Carlin? I thought it was Gallagher.

Now with 1000 posts of pure wisdom!
(or something)

I think there should be a line on the 1040 that simply says “Mental Deficiency Surcharge” with a blank line next to it. How do you know if it applies to you? Easy! if you put something on the line and pay it YOU QUALIFY!

There is a tax on stupidity, it’s called “The Lottery”.

Shouldn’t someone be saying “Here’s your sign” right about now?

How did that one go?

“If I pinch my nose with my fingers, close my mouth tight,
and blow real hard, I can make my ears bleed. It’s
not as cool as Superman’s X-ray vision, but it’s my own
special talent.”

Stupid people are an oppressed minority against whom unfair, bigoted discrimintion occurs all too frequently. Stupid people find themselves in a continual state of victimization they are totally unable to comprehend.Special legislation is immediately required to remedy this wholly unacceptable condition.

Stupid people have rights, too

And what’s more, they have no choice in the matter. They were born that way. If they had a choice, do you think they would choose to be the subject of such animosity?

I think we’ll let the good people of MPSIMS dun the OP for Alphagene’s quarter.

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