Stupid teen drug experience

A few years ago when I was a teenager (and coincidentally a few years before I learned that using mind-altering drugs as a teenager is a very stupid thing to do), I was puttering around on the then-young World Wide Web, looking for new ways to get high. I came upon a site with an archived Usenet post extolling the virtues of intentionally overdosing one’s self with diphenhydramine, a.k.a. Benadryl Cold and Allergy Medication.

I discussed it with my best friend and we decided that, hey, if we can trip off a bottle of cough syrup, why not allergy medication?

The post recommended between 10 and 20 pills, but being 17 years of age, Mike and I decided to take 30 tablets apiece. About an hour after we choked them down, Mike realized that his parent-imposed curfue was in effect, so it looked like our trips would be going their seperate ways.

The next 8 hours were truly insane. At first , I got INCREDIBLY sleepy (diphenhydramine is also the active ingredient in most OTC sleep meds. Imagine taking 30 Tylenol PM’s at once.)

Then I just started seeing the most vivid hallucinations. I saw cats and dogs that weren’t there. I saw my ceiling fan slowly rise down from the ceiling and touch the floor.

Then the auditory hallucinations started. I heard people breaking into the house. I heard my mom calling me even though she had gone to sleep hours ago. Thousands and thousands of voices ringing in my ears, clear as day, but they weren’t real.

The crazy thing was, the whole time I was seeing and hearing all this stuff, I didn’t feel at all high. Not a bit.

When I woke up the next morning, I realized I had pissed my bed and didn’t remember most of the previous night. I also noticed half-charred remains in my bong. Odd, since I hadn’t smoked pot in weeks. Upon further inspection, it turned out I HAD BEEN SMOKING MATCHES!!! Like MATCHES, straight from a hotel-issued pack of friggin’ sulfur-tipped MATCHES, torn from the matchbook and stuffed in the bong!!! Geeeez! I swore at that time that I would never ever touch Benadryl again and I haven’t.

As bad as smoking matches and pissing the bed is, I got off lucky compared to my friend. Though never having previously shown any symptoms of epilepsy, the Benadryl gave him a seizure. He spent three days in the hospital. They put him on Dilantin and he wasn’t allowed to drive a car for a year.

Anybody else have any stupid teen drug experiences to share? Or any experience with recreational use of Benadryl?

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I’m sorry. I meant to post this in MPSIMS, but I had a couple beers and forgot which forum I was in. My bad.

1st time I took acid I was at a Phish concert. I didn’t know it would last so long. Anyway, we dropped about 1/2 hour before show started. Just as Trey hits the first chord I feel it. Utter bliss since I love Phish and they opened with my favorite song. The light show was fantastic.

Anyway, 1 1/2 hours later between sets, I go to go to the bathroom. When I try to come back, I can’t remember where we were sitting (we had lawn tickets but snuck up to the seated area) I was looking for about 1/2 hour and was starting freaking out when I finally found my friends. :slight_smile: Thank God.

Second set starts, we smoke a few bowls. When the bowl comes around to me, I see the guy next to me writing stuff down. I was convinced that he was writing down our names and was going to turn us in. I kept trying to tell my friends this for the next hour, and they just kept laughing at me (being my first Phish concert, I didn’t know a lot of people keep track of the setlist).

Concert’s over, we’re in parking lot. Only 3.5 hours or so into trip. This is when I find out all of my friends have suspended licenses and that I am going to have to drive my friend’s car home. He forgets to tell me that only his bright lights work, and the regular ones don’t.

I get on the road, and about ever 20 seconds or so someone approaching the other way will start flashing their lights at me. I again become convinced that everyone knows I am on acid. We pulled over at a gas station, and sat there for another 3 hours before I was convinced I was alright to drive.

I’ve only had a few other psychedelic experiences with acid and 'shrooms. I’m past those days, now. Pot and X are the only things I do anymore.

I dunno, Puff. I’m a beer drinker and (what with the last line of the OP and getting the wrong Forum), I’m not so sure you’re much better off on beer. :wink:

Children? Do NOT do Benadryl!

It is not a recreational drug.

As poor college person, we tried cough syrup once. We used Robitussin DM, though (four oz.).

Not nearly as psychedelic as your trip, but it was trippy. I remember watching an old episode of Spiderman in a crouched position. I was convinced that I was growing an eggshell around me, and I needed to form as ovoid a shape as I could. It was a freaky experience that I wasn’t sure if I’d try again or not.

The next weekend, I was at a party where a bunch of jail-bait girls were doing DM. After seeing how weird they were acting, I swore off ever trying it again.

Nowadays, I feel guilty about drinking caffeine, so my sensibilities have certainly changed. :slight_smile:

When I was a much younger pup, a boyfriend of mine gave me Thorazine.

Don’t EVER do anti-psychotics if you’re not psychotic, especially if there’s even the remotest chance that your best friend of the opposite sex will show up at your door drunk, depressed, and very lonely.

One of the strangest and worst sexual experiences I ever had.

Four words to fear: Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds. Legal at the time, but a bad idea nonetheless. 'Nuff said.

Reality is for people who can’t handle drugs.

-Tom Waits

And legal today (if you wanna get real technical, they’re probably illegal under the Controlled Substances Analogue Amendment to the Controlled Substances Act, but that’s a grey area). Not that it matters. You’re right. They’re awful. What a vomit-fest! Hardly any discernable effects, either.

Ever hear of Terpin Hydrate, aka G.I. gin? It was supposed to be a cough suppressant.
IIRC, it’s 85% ethanol, and kids could buy it over the counter. The taste is like Everclear with a hint of citrus. Everyone that I knew that tried it turned into a raving mean psycho drunk.

I couldn’t stomach the stuff; my gag reflex took over where my common sense left off.

This is a stupid drug experience which someone ELSE had. One of my friends and I went to a free wine & cheese party, and she had too much free wine. She eventually made a scene and collapsed on the floor. One of my friends and I carried her to the metro and we had to take her all the way home - to the south shore!! By the time we got back the party was over. Damn. I missed getting the number of the cute guy who wanted to show me his etchings.

Yes, alcohol is a drug.

Someone you know got drunk once. What a life you must lead.


A friend named John had a book titled “Legal Highs”, listing legal means of getting stoned off commonly available substances.

Apparently, catnip has a miniscule amount of THC (the active ingredient in marijuana), so he brought over four huge stalks of it from his parent’s garden. We dried it in the oven and smoked about five pipefuls.

We didn’t get any kind of buzz, but we got sicker than hell off the strong taste.

Obviously matt_mcl has been drinking to much flame-retardant foam and forgot to mention that he lives in Montreal. When he said the south shore means the south shore of the St. Lawrenece river, a very annoying place to get to, in case you were wondering.

Anyway, my friend took acid and ended up sitting in a park by a tree for a long time because he thought it was giving birth and he needed to help it.

So is this what the drug culture is all about? Sitting around all night in parks helping trees give birth?

Where’s Nickrz? Doesn’t “Q” = ‘question’?


When I was in high school I tried eating nutmeg several times; I had heard about it in the appendix to Naked Lunch, and I figured William S. Burroughs knows what he’s talking about when it comes to drugs, so I tried it.

For me (other people I’ve talked to had different experiences) it was like a mild pot buzz, but it lasted 2 or 3 days and dehydrated the hell out of you. I probably did it 10 or 20 times. The last time I tried it, I briefly passed out (partly due to standing up too fast at the time, as well); never did it again. Burroughs said he never knew of anyone addicted to it, and figured you’d probably die from habitually eating it before addiction set in.

I tried other things when I was younger (I guess I’m a curious sort), like eating morning glory seeds and Dramamine. Neither worked, don’t know if I did it right or took enough, but since then I’ve heard horror stories about taking too much Dramamine.

Been Drunk. Been Stoned. I much prefer pot to beer. I just like the fact that pot won’t make me throw up, give me hangovers or beer farts, and won’t make me piss like there’s no tomorrow. Pot tends to make me lazy though… probably why I haven’t smoked in a while.

I did have one bad trip though. I was with my girlfriend at the time, and was at a friends apartment. Smoked some laced pot. I didn’t know it was laced (had I known I wouldn’t have smoked it) So after I start trippin my girl wants to leave. Since I drove her there, I had to drive her back. I saw a blue wall about 50 feet in front of my truck all the way to her house. I even saw scarecrows pop out of trees and hit the truck- some rather scary shit. When I got home evrything starts spinning, and I go straight to the bathroom and puked my guts out. I hate being dizzy, I almost always barf.

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