Stupid things you've said/done on job interviews

This didn’t actually happen to me, but I was witness to an interviewee who PUNCHED OUT the guy he was interviewing. It was fucking beautiful. Cops, handcuffs, the whole nine yards. It was the stuff movies are made of.

This didn’t actually happen to me, but I was witness to an interviewee who PUNCHED OUT the guy he was being interviewed by. It was fucking beautiful. Cops, handcuffs, the whole nine yards. It was the stuff movies are made of.

Damn. It’s early.

Now you tell me!
I once interviewed, twice, for a job I really wanted. It was down to two of us and they selected the other guy. The interviewer was nice enough to call me and tell me of the decision. I asked if he could tell me why and was told they were leaning toward me as I had more experience, but the salary I asked for was about half what it should have been and that cast doubt on my knowledge of the job. I was newly retired from the military and wasn’t up to speed on salaries, plus the interview was in Phoenix and the job was in San Diego. Ironically I was going to ask for more, but was afraid it would hurt my chances.

Yeah, I know, like I said - it had been a really long day. I wish I’d just waited to get a hold of them until the next day…

I showed up an hour late as well. To make things worse, there was someone else scheduled for that time slot. Oddly enough, the HR person hired me for a better position than the one I was interviewing for.

Maybe this is secretly a good thing?

I had always been told to know about the company when you go into an interview. So when I was interviewing for a retail job as a young teen, I was asked what I knew about the company. I basically gave the entire corporate history spiel from the website.

I didn’t get the job. My brother says he’s going to tell that story at my wedding. :smack:

This happened to the younger brother of my best friend, in his first interview out of college. It was the kind of interview where you just sit there and listen as they talk. “Joe” was doing this when something went wrong with his testicles. The interviewer is giving his spiel about what the company was about, etc., when “Joe” yells out “My nuts!” , grabs his crotch and falls over unconscious. They called an ambulance which took him to the hospital.

It turned out to be moderately serious, but not life-threatening. The cord leading from the testicle got wrapped around the testicle somehow and was squeezing it. His slight movements while sitting there was the last straw, apparently. The pain was sudden and that’s what knocked him out. A surgical procedure was required to fix the situation.

He didn’t get the job.

We still like to yell out “My nuts!” whenever we see him. He doesn’t really laugh too much.

I had a job Interview on a friday morning where the interviewers got busy, and didn’t get around to me for about 45 minutes while I sat in the waiting room chatting to the secretary, and we got pretty friendly.

After the interview I went to the bathroom then started to walk out. The secretary said good-bye and wished me a great day. I said “yeah it’s gonna be good, I’m gonna call in sick to work and go get wasted”. Only then I realized the interviewers were about 10 feet away.

no callback from that one.

I don’t think it was stupid but apparently the interviewer did.

Applying for a job I was asked, “What is one of your hobbies?”
I rply, “Well, I both work and go to school full-time, so I would guess eating and sleeping.” (chuckle)
She just glared at me and coldly said, “No. I meant a real hobby.”

Now I know how to get out of the next staff meeting.

So what was the reason the interviewer was punched?

My former recruitment guy told me he was interviewing a candidate, all was going well, the guy had the job in the bag, when he asked “what would you say is your worst fault?”

The interviewee started to open and close his mouth like a goldfish, then stood up and ran out. Recruitment guy found him in the parking lot shaking like a leaf and weeping. He comforted him, gave him a cup of tea, then sent him home.

He didn’t get the job.

My stupidest thing was in an interview for Micro$oft. I was really nervous and there was a panel of eight people interviewing me, so I had to keep craning my neck round.

Them: “What do you hate most in the workplace?”

Me: “Incompetence.”

I didn’t get the job. I later heard on the IT grapevine that they didn’t think I was “a good team player”. :rolleyes:

She may not have thought “stupid.” She more likely thought: SENSE OF HUMOR DETECTED. TERMINATE SUBJECT WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE. Probably just as well you didn’t get hired there. A workplace with no sense of humor can be hell on earth.

Barista job. Quote painted on the wall. Someone asked the owner, while she was interviewing me, who the quote was from. She said “I think it’s Proust.” She pronounced it to rhyme with “joust.” I said, “Proost.” Then–not bad enough yet–I said, “actually, I think it’s Pepys.”

Didn’t get the job.

Ahh, interview day for The Big Job…the one that’ll become my career for the next few decades. Corporate world, here I come!

I hose myself off and scrub myself down. I get the perfect interview suit. I’ve got all the answers to anything the interviewer would want to throw at me. Yeah, this should go smooth as glass.

As I leave to take the hour drive to the office, I took a minute to ponder if I should clean out my car. Naaaa, I think…it’d take too long, what with all the soda cans and empty fast food bags and cigarette butts and old clothing and used napkins and candy bar wrappers and computer parts and half-eaten moldy food and wet towels and broken tools and unidentifiable piles of whoknowswhat and general filth piled up over the every non-drivers-seat surface. Yeah, the car was a sty, and it smelled like a family of eight lived in it, but hey, since when does the interviewer ever get in your car?

I arrive at the office, tell the security guard at the gate why I’m there, and he directs me to a small parking lot right by the front entrance. After parking, going in and letting building security know about my interview, I settle in and wait. And wait. And wait some more. Finally, after about a half-hour, my interviewer appears. It seems there had been a miscommunication when security told me where to park. I was parked in the executive lot, when I needed to be in the general lot. Not to worry though, my prim and proper interviewer in the nice dress informed me – she’d be happy to go with me while I moved my car. :eek:

Long story not-quite-as-long-as-it-could-be, she wasn’t as revolted by the car as she had every right to be, the interview went terrific after that initial speed bump, and I’ve been there going on eight years now.

While going through college interviews, I told the interviewer from Harvard that they were my second choice.

I guess honesty was ok with them.

Just after I finished school and before I started uni I was looking for a temporary job. I applied at one of the major banks. At the time my father worked for one major bank and my brother for another. So when I was asked at the interview “why did you choose ANZ Bank” the answer just came straight out without any thinking…“well both my father and brother already work at other banks and you were the only one left”.

At one interview, things were going well, and the interviewer asked “So, do you consider yourself an aggressive person?” (meaning, someone who will take charge and really go after the business).

My brain said “Humor is called for here”. So I snarled “Whadda you mean by that?”. Then my brain said “Oh shit”. :smack:

I got the job. :wink:

I once went for an interview for a government job. After the interview was over we were talking about how I would cope with the changes, as the job was in a different city to the one I was living in. We were joking around and I went on to say I was a party animal and a bit of a psychopath.

The room went quiet and one of the interviewers said,

“that’s not the sort of thing you want to say in an interview.”

Oops. I was just a twenty year old kid and I thought the interview was over - like we were speaking off the record :smack:

I got the job. I found out afterwards I was the only one interviewed. I discovered why about a month later.

Okay, why?