Stupid voting places *grumble*

Some places open their polls at 6:30.

Ours waits until 8:00.

Damn, now I can’t vote, because the stupid FInance test started at 7:45. AM. And I can’t go hme until 9:00.



Oh well, the Obama supporters will be pleased, since I wasn’t voting for him.

Damn. That sounds like a pretty grueling test.

Can’t you vote before Election Day, or by mail, in Tennessee?

Yes, but they normally open the polls at 7:00, and the early voting was so packed I couldn’t get in! I didn’t think I had to, so I didn’t.

PS: The test only took 2 hours. But then comes work, another test, another job, and then back to job 1.

Aren’t work places by law supposed to give you an hour off to go vote if you can show them that the only time you can vote is during work hours? Whether they make you use your lunch hour or you get a free hour?

Contact your polling office about a provisional ballot.

I can’t contact the polling office because I’m 20 miles away from it, and they apparently have no phone.