Stupidest Nash Bridges Moment?

Personally, I don’t watch Nash Bridges, but I have, on two occasions, seen five or ten minutes of it. Remarkably, both were stupid:

Occasion #1: Nash is in a three-way John Woo moment, in which he and bad guys 1 and 2 are pointing guns at each other, Nash has the MacGuffin in hand, Bad Guy #1 has Nash’s girlfriend hostage, etc. etc. How does Nash solve this? He throws the MacGuffin in the air and lets everything sort itself out during the general shooting.

Occasion #2: “And what do we have here? An instructional video on how to pilot a Russian Submarine, dubbed into English.”



How can you pick just one moment?
I could never understand how this show continually beat Homicide: Life On the Streets in the ratings.

::raises hand::

Erm… All of them?

The main characters in H:LOtS didn’t drive a HemiCuda :smiley:

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The main site is called ** **
They have a set of categories that cause series to turn bad, or “jump the shark” (The one where Happy Days goes water skiing at the beach)

“stupidest”?? Any of them starting with the decisions to name the character “Nash” and have him develope a taste for wearing vests.