Stupidity Comes Cheap And On A Tattoo

I don’t know who should be pitted the most here. The woman, or the shameless organisation who encouraged her to do this. This is just so wrong on so many levels.

Woman Tattoos Forehead with Online Casino

But, just to put aside the jaw dropping stupidity of it all, this woman scarred herself for life in the most obvious way for only $10,000. Now, I know there’s people in the world who work themselves to death for a living wage of much less. But it’s not as if she had no other option. And it’s not as if her life depended on it. But $10,000!!?? Does she really think that’s going to get her child all the way through the private education system and college??

And let’s not even start on the guilt complex this is going to lay on the boy. I mean, look at that photo. I’d never want to be responsible for doing that to my mother. It’s almost heartbreaking. :frowning:

Totally fucking insane!

Heck, Gully Foyle didn’t even get $10,000.

But, then again, Moira wasn’t a casino website.


I can’t believe this. I could maybe paint it on my forehead for a month for ten grand, but a tatto?!?! Fucking unbelievable.

Quick rule of thumb: When the tattooist spends seven hours trying to talk you out of getting a tattoo, you really should listen.

It’s only July, but I think we have a winner for “Dumbest Person of 2005”.

That about covers it.

What a rimnod.
It’s not even an iattractive tattoo.

Wow, seeing that story gives me a sudden urge to go gamble online!

Can they legally prevent them from having the tatoo removed? Generally, you can’t freely dispose of you body by way of contract…

I suppose it’s possible that, in Utah, 10k will buy you an awful lot of private-school education. I just wanted to say that, in my neck of the woods (AKA Southern California), that wouldn’t even buy you a single year at a good private Elementary school.

“her son promised to get good grades”. He fucking better! "I disfigured my face for tuition and you only get a C+!!! I hope she saves some of the money for therapy after the boy is warped by guilt.

That’s pretty big and thick to get removed. Removing it would be expensive as hell, painful as hell, and would only result in a “” scar. They say removing a tat is a hundred more times painful then getting one. Either way she’s screwed.

" To me, $10,000 is like $1 million."
Yep, she’s pretty good with numbers.

I wonder how much it would cost to get the tatoo removed?

She should also win the 2005 “most obviously stupid observation award” for this little quote:

Umm, yeah?

Really, couldn’t she have just gone with a temporary tattoo and an agreement to wear it for x number of months? And what if she and the current boyfriend break up? It’s going to be an awkward topic of conversation when she’s out on the dating scene again.

Guy at a bar, “Say, I couldn’t help noticing…”

Smith, rolling her eyes for the nth time, “sigh, yes?”

“There’s something about your face.”

From this page:


I don’t see what’s wrong with this. She did it for her son’s education. All things considered, I have no doubt that he will end up smarter than, say, his mother.

Which is somehow fitting for a walking ad for online gambling.

So, does this mean the casino is only going to pay her $100?

To truly qualify as the dumbest person of 2005 she’ll have to gamble away the ten grand at Golden Palace.

If she doesn’t do that, I’d have to say Oprah’s Couch Monkey is the dumbest person of the year, but she’s a close second.