Sub Woofer Static Question

Watching TV We get static from our sub-woofer. However when listening to music via Apple TV (music is on my phone) there’s no static. Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks.

How is the sub-woofer connected to the TV and to the Apple TV box?

Very possible you don’t have correct low frequency filtering aka subwoofer channel out from your TV. Sub should only be sent frequencies below, say 100-200 Hz. Maybe type your TV model and sub channel into google or just trawl through your settings on TV menu and look for likely culprits

I had a similar problem using regular 2 wire speaker wire. Then switched to RCA connector to shielded coax cable adapters at both ends - used TV coax cable with has an outer shield. Then that kept the “noise” out - no more static.

Picture of adapter - Use TV coax cable with these…