A couple of questions I think need answering proactively:

Is sublime coming out with a new cd, if so when will it come out

when did they first form

is there an official web site

Is there another album coming out because my cousin wanted to know since he can’t be trusted with the computer

A quick search of yahoo came up with over 20 sites dedicated to this band. The information is there if you aren’t too lazy to look for it.

  1. a new cd is not likely, being that the lead singer is dead, and the group has since disbanded.

  2. in 1988

  3. yes there is an offical website.

  4. see answer to question one.


As if this small setback prevented them from releasing 3 or 4 or 5 or however many they have since that idiot kicked off.

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Hey guys,maybe it’s just me, but I thought this post was mocking the recent asinine postings from Sublime1300.
Subtlety is lost on some people billiehunt.

I wrote him a note in his “Ancestors” thread. Give the poor frood a chance. :cool:

I like being a little misunderstood.