Submitting State Taxes... (not seeking advice)

This is my first time submitting taxes to two US States. Usually, I submit electronically to the Feds and one State form. This time, however, I don’t want to pay to submit to additional States. So, I am submitting to the 2nd State via the old fashion way - snail mail! As such, I don’t know what gets submitted electronically to the State when the State forms get filed.

Specifically, the 2nd State asks one to submit a copy of their Federal Taxes. I fill out the 1040 with various schedules and such. Do you think they need to see all the nitty gritty (various schedules, etc.)? Or, just the 1040 itself?

In California’s case, if you submit by mail and they say you need to attach the Federal return, then you have to attach a copy of the entire Federal return. That’s the 1040 plus all schedules. Probably it’s the same for your state but I don’t know for sure.

And of course this varies from state to state. In CT you need only submit the 1040 form (both sides).

Tax forms are usually detailed and explicit to the point of extreme boredom. So, it probably specifies in the instructions exactly what they mean when they ask for a copy of your Federal taxes.

If you tell us the state, I bet someone would go find it.

Thanks, IAMTHEWALRUS… I will double-check. I did not think the details in the instructions would drill down sooo far into the weeds of the weeds!