Subscribed emailed threads are in Courier font in Yahoo Mail?

I have no idea if this should go in ATMB or GQ.

When my subscribed SDMB threads are emailed to my Google Mail account, the font is a nice, easy-to-read one, maybe Arial.

I switched my email address to my Yahoo Mail address because I seldom use GMail. But when the subscribed threads are emailed to my Yahoo Mail account, the font is lost and it comes out in Courier.

If I forward the mailed thread from my Gmail account to the Yahoo one, the Arial formatting is retained. But If I set up Gmail to forward it to Yahoo Mail automatically, it loses the formatting.

Is there any way to make Yahoo use the correct font?

Test post to see what you are talking about.

Apparently I need someone else to post in this thread to get an update email. Can someone do that?

I might be able to do that later. Right now I have to do the dishes.

Well, it was in Arial for me on Yahoo. So I’m trying something else.

But, while you wait, you might want to try something. There’s an option under Options > More Options > General that lets you set the default font. If that is set to Courier, change it to Arial.

Where are these options?

Since I’m not sure what is unclear, I’ll explain it in as much detail as possible. Better to give too much than too little, right?

In the upper right hand corner of your Inbox is the word Options with a small arrow next to it. When you click on the word, there will be a dropdown, with the third option saying More Options… When you click on that, you will be taken to another page that shows all of your options. On the left hand side, the word General should be highlighted. In the other pain, the fifth option should be labeled “Plain Text Font.” Click button next to that label, and choose Arial. Then click the Save changes button at the top left of the second column. Then click back to mail to the left of the save button to get back to your Inbox.

If this is not your problem, then I dont’ know what is. I still get all SDMB emails in Arial.

I have subscribed lot of blogs and articles. I think those mails are this same font i think.

Those aren’t my Options in YMail. I have a Mail Plus account, and evidently the options are not the same. Under General, there’s no option for any font, nor is there a font option under any other menu heading, either. I had a Mail Plus account because of work, but I don’t think I need it anymore, so perhaps if I go back to a basic account it I can change the font there. Otherwise, when Yahoo forces me to update to the new, improved version of Yahoo mail instead of the old Classic version, maybe the problem will go away. Thanks, though.

I’m actually bemused as to why your font is in Courier rather than Arial as a default to begin with. I almost never use my Ymail (only the SDMB and a handful of other MB uses it), and the default is Arial. I would prefer it to be Courier myself.

Well, Yahoo Mail forced me to upgrade to its new, improved interface, and so far, all the old subscribed threads that are already in my inbox are now in Arial. So I guess the new interface really is improved.

I sure dislike everything else about it, though.