Subscribing by proxy?

I don’t see any provision for people wanting to subscribe others. With the current scheme, either the donor has to give the host his SD logon and password or the host has to give his credit card details. Not the most secure scenario either way.

The ones for whom I’m proxying I’m telling to change their passwords after I subscribe them. They have to trust me not to post with their names, but someone has to take the first step.

Yeah, but a option saying “Who do you want this subscription for (leave blank if for yourself)” would be infinitely easier.

As someone who was sponsored, it is worth mentioning that my sponsor’s credit card information, address, and full name were included in the confirmation email I recieved.

He didn’t mind but others might.

Crikey! - I would hate to see your generosity fall foul of the letter of the law - has this method been approved by the board admins? Or is approval unnecessary?

What does it give you exactly? I just talked to Jerry and Sean and they’re going to suppress the address, but as I re-read your message I’m wondering if the receipt includes the full credit card number. Let me know.

In answer to another question that was raised, yes, paying on behalf of someone else is OK by us.

This is something I hadn’t anticipated. Is there a way around this? In one of the 100’s of threads on this and related topics, has a way for directed sponsorships been devised?

Didn’t see Ed’s post.

You see their name and address. Most of the credit card # is supressed.

The credit card number is nothing but Xs except maybe the first number but I can’t remember exactly because I deleted it immediately after realizing what it was.

There’s no danger of anyone getting their number taken if all the receipts were like mine.

OK. The address should be suppressed from here on out. I’m assuming real name won’t bother anyone, but proxies, please advise if you feel otherwise. No way to avoid having the receipt go to the person you’re signing up on behalf of. Eventually we’ll have to see if we can get Jerry and Sean to code in a gift subscription feature, but they’ve got their hands full right now.

Ed, since you’re obviously reading this thread, I’ll put my request here rather than starting a new thread. (The hamsters sigh with relief.)

The subscription by volunteer proxy thing will work okay for the introduction of the fee. Down the road, though, we need an established way for willing proxies to help new subscribers who can’t use credit cards or PayPal.

Would it be possible to:

  1. Put wording in the subscription info to the effect that folks who can’t use the means provided can seek help from volunteers. I’m sure it could be worded so as to protect the Reader from liability.

  2. Put up a stickie in ATMB for people to list themselves as volunteer proxies, and for new subscribers to find a helper. With, of course, a link in the number 1 language.

  3. Hey, Opal, is the joint jumping?

Well, for anyone still worried about it, I just subscribed myself by credit card, and the confirmation email just said:

So, the name, address, and even the X’ed out CC# aren’t being included in the email to your sponsored Dopers anymore.

AFAIK, this is how the Admins told us to do it. My memory ain’t what it once was, though, so I may be wrong.

Hold on – from this thread

So we’re fine. In addition, the e-mails originally had my full name and address, the credit card type, and the last four of the card number, just like any store receipt that you receive. I don’t mind, because I assume I’ve lost more receipts with my last four on them than I can remember.

***Whew! * ** Had me worried for a minute or two. Good thing I read the entire thread before getting upset. Thank you, Ed, for clarifying, and for changing it so our addresses and such are not going to those whom we’re trying to help. I didn’t even think of that when I sponsored a couple of dopers. I don’t mind in the least anyone having my IRL name, it’s common knowledge on here anyway for those who know me. But I’m not anxious to have my address out there to strangers.

I’ve ben using Paypal. The receipts for everyone I’ve joined up have come straight to me at the address I use for Paypal. I didn’t get a seperate CR receipt for my own Dope sub. I have no idea what the people I signed up got.

Same for me as for NoClueBoy. So folks worried about proxy signups and privacy probably have nothing to be concerned about.