Substitute for cinammon

My girlfriend is allergic to cinnamon, so I’ve been avoiding recipes that call for it. Is there any other spice that I could use instead?

Allspice or cloves would be similar; they’re generally all used in combination in christmas/middle eastern recipes, so you should be able to use those instead.

I guess it would depend on the recipe. Nutmeg might be suitable for pies and sweet stuff. For savoury dishes, maybe cardamon, clove or coriander. Do that many recipes call for cinnamon?

According to William Poundstone’s book “Big Secrets”, a lot of what we think is “cinnamon flavored” is really flavored by Cassia (often called “Chinese Cinnamon”). It sounds like it tastes exactly the same. The problems are: 1.) Maybe it’s so similar that she’ll be allergic to that, too. 2.) I’ve never seen “Cassia” on sale anywhere. But maybe you can find some via the Internet.

Dr_Paprika has it right as far as nutmeg goes in baking. I know someone allergic to cinnamon, and when I bake something that she might eat, I have been able to substitute nutmeg for cinnamon without any problems. Allspice would probably work as well, but I’ve never tried it.

CalMeacham is right - what we commonly refer to as cinnamon isn’t cinnamon at all, but Cassia. You can learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about cinnamon here, as well as order either true cinnamon or cassia.