Subtitles in DVDs

The Sting DVD. Does it come with Russian subtitles available?

The Legacy Series version recently released in the USA has only English, French, and Spanish.

How about the original release - a used one that I can buy used at Amazon?

I apologize for the idiotic phrasing. Please don’t waste you time with this thread. It is almost certain that it’s not available with Russian subtitles.

It’s not as far out as you might think. I googled a bit and came up with this. No Russian subtitles, but it does have a Russian voiceover soundtrack. Note that it has a Region 2 encoding which might prove a problem depending on your DVD player.

Thanks very much, Linty Fresh!!

I’m thinking about it as a gift, but I have no idea if the recipient has a Region 2 player. Maybe I’ll ask and take it from there.

Thanks again. That was very thoughtful of you.

“Voice over” means Russian actors mouthing the lines, more or less in synch with the screen characters?

Yes, basically it’s dubbing.

Here is some info about the various DVD codes. It might help determine if your friend can play the DVD in his player.

It might depend on when/where the voice over was done.
When I was in Russia in 1994, American movies shown on TV had a Russian voice over – the same monotone male voice for every single character (and, I swear, every single movie). If the voice over track was done in Russia, it could be like this. I’d be a little curious since the linked page shows “(voiceover)” for the Russian track but not for the Polish one.