Subtle Mistakes

Point out the error, and then offer your own. Just make it kinda hard or tricky to spot.

William H. Rehnquist, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, wrote Grand Inquest, a book about the Senate impeachment trials of Smauel Chase and Andrew Johnson.

Change Smauel to Samuel.

[sup]We are talking about grammatical mistakes, aren’t we? Otherwise, I’m gonna feel like a complete dork…[/sup]

Mine: St. Siricius was the first of the Popes to issue papal decretels which gave direction on matters of Church practice and discipline.

“… a complete dork…” – Joyful Girl

Should read “… a total dork…”

The title is actually Chief Justice of the United States. Although a common error, I am confident that is the mistake to which you referred.

I suspect should naturally read “that that”.

Yep, that’s the one!

Here’s another:

Socrates devoted himself to free-wheeling discussion with the aristocratic young citizens of Sparta, insistently questioning their confidence in the truth of popular opinions.

wasn’t he actually in athens?

… citizens of Sparta, insistently questioning …

insistenly should be incess…, uhm, inssess, no that’s not
right, hold please,… yes here is your listing:incessantly

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It might be erroneous, but it’s not an intentional error. Try again.

I suspect your sentence should naturally read that “I suspect your sentence should naturally read ‘that that’”.