Subtle political threats on facebook

I started seeing something new on Facebook a couple of weeks ago, now I am seeing it with increased frequency. Liberals when engaged in arguments with conservatives are saying, " we know who he is now". Does that sound like a threat?

I haven’t used this phrase or seen it, but if I did I wouldn’t consider it a veiled threat. I would think it’s an indication that the liberal in question believes the conservative (the ‘he’ in the quote) is a racist/sexist/something-ist scumbag.

It says that in the past, liberals could simply think that conservatives valued ‘different’ things, but now, with Trump’s naked hatred on display, those different things can equate to something very ugly that was not obvious before.

It is probably related to a quote from Maya Angelou:

Another vote for “This person has now been pegged as a no-nothing/bigot/whatever.”

It’s a politer way of saying “You are showing your ass.” It follows upon the assumed societal concession that there is no longer any plausible deniability left for Trump supporters. President Trump supports racism, and is willing to see the poor starve, or die young of treatable disease, rather than make the slightest contribution toward their welfare.

The party that avowedly denies evolution nonetheless supports it in its meanest, most bloodthirsty form.

To support the current administration is not just “being Republican.” It is a statement of values that many find lacking.

I’ve been threatened a few times in my life. It never resembled that. I never once had to question whether or not it was a threat.

The definition of a “threat” is: a statement of an intention to inflict pain, injury, damage, or other hostile action on someone in retribution for something done or not done.

“We know who he is now” does none of those things.

Yes, it’s an acknowledgement the person in question is displaying their ignorance. The kids say “I see how you are”

Agreed. There is no implication that the speaker will do anything. It’s at most an insult.

I’m actually curious how the OP interpreted it as a threat. What do you think the person is threatening to do, HoneyBadgerDC?

Are you read it as doxxing? “We know who he is now, and where he lives, so let’s go over to his house and beat on his door!”


I sort of took it as a scare tactic to make someone think they have a list they will be going after when the time comes. I didn’t actually think it was a real threat but it looks a bit like a veiled threat.

Okay so this has been bothering me. I copy/pasted this from the online Oxford dictionary (which I neglected to credit, apologies :smack:).

But anyways, what I wanted to comment was I’m pretty sure this definition could end right after the word “action,” and leave off that last part altogether; it seems quite superfluous. “On someone” is clearly implied, and the definition of “threat,” to me, doesn’t require any specific motive.

What you’ve never had someone threaten you but do it so in an incompetent manner?

Once had a guy angrily tell me “I know where you live.” He was my neighbor.