such-and-such on a stick

I heard DBS satellite refered to as “cable on a stick”.
Is that derogatory? WTH does it mean in general usage?

No clue, but I expected you to be talking about food.

(or a stand up comedian in the 80’s that had a Jalapeno *on a stick! *) You had to be there to get the emphasis.

That’s “onna steek”. I can’t remember his name, but he was pretty funny.

My WAG is that the “on a stick” in the OP is intended to suggest a convenience factor; i.e. something that could be managed without “getting your hands dirty.”

While we’re on the subject, I’ve heard a few Brits use the phrase “might as well ask for the moon on a stick” to refer to unrealistic expectations. So there ya go.

The comic (well, ventriloquist really) is Jeff Dunham, and he’s been doing the jalapeno on a stick routine for a long time now. I first saw him do it on “Comic Strip Live,” maybe 12 years ago.

The jalapeno guy is who I immediately thought of when I saw the thread title - I didn’t remember his name, but, like peepthis, I remember seeing him several times on Comic Strip Live. It’s actually a pretty damn funny routine.

Urban planners often call billboards and large pole signs “litter on a stick.”

There is a phrase "sht on a stick", as in 'You look like shit on a stick’ when you are hungover. The stick is your neck, and the rest refers to your head.

My usage of this refers to a body type which I find myself drawn to.

Tits on a stick.

IOW, relatively good sized breasts on a thin woman. Intended as a compliment, but probably should not be offered as such to the object of your appreciation.

I’ve never heard satellite called “cable on a stick” before, but perhaps it’s a reference to the mast or pole the dish is mounted to?

For me, it might be “cable in a flower pot” as I’ve got my dish mounted to a pole that’s planted in a flower pot filled with 100 pounds of concrete as my apartment building wouldn’t allow it to be screwed to the wall. Whatever you call it, in my area, it’s better and cheaper than cable.