Suck dry my colon, TNN

No, I’m not upset that you dropped your whole “country” theme (my parents are, though). I’m not upset that you keep showing the same car shows on the weekend over and over again (could you possibly show that 5 year old episode of “My Classic Car” AGAIN!). I can even overlookm your full color logo on in the lower right corner of the screen when nearly every cable & broadcast channel is using a transparent one. I was even happy to see that you bought the rights to the three post-TOS Trek shows. But is it really necessary to put that black band at the bottom of the screen telling the title of the show I’m watching (and when it’s going to be on next)? Who was the scrotal-sucking bastard that came up with this one? How fucking stupid do you think your viewers are? The logo is bad enough (even though this is your way of telling viewers that they’re too stupid to remember what channel they’re watching). Now we’re obviously too stupid to know WHAT FUCKING SHOW WE’RE WATCHING!!! You do this almost all fucking day!!

What’s next? A Headline-News style screen with commercials running on 2/3 of the screen?

So, fuck you, TNN. Fuck you in the ass with a dull, rusty, jagged iron pipe.


But it’s The NEW…TNN.

And 5 days straight of TNG? I can’t ever get mad at them after that.

Huh. Actually, I kind of like it. I like being able to flip past a channel, and know whether there’s something on that I want to watch, especially as their lineup changes. It’s small, and unobtrusive to me. YMMV, I guess.

TNN: The Nashville Network… The National Network.

Whatever you call it, it’s still “Television for Rednecks”

The only redeeming thing about the show is that they are showing Star Trek: TNG.

Yeah… the logo and black title band at the bottom suck the big one.

At least they haven’t made the decision with their black band that what I really want to see while watching TV are the comments of morons who are logged into their web site. CAN WE PLEASE DECLARE THIS TREND OVER? There’s a station that does “Xena” re-runs in the afternoons with this trip…at the bottom of the screen is “SEXXXYGRRL277: LOK OUT XENA LOL”

Couch potatos, meet keyboard potatos!

Mr. Blue Sky ** your rant was mild but you’ve got ** POP!.