Suck off, California employment laws

I’ve had 3 part-time jobs through the state of California. I was never paid more than $11 per hour for any of these jobs. For some reason, the state still set up a retirement plan for me and sliced out sizable bits of every hard-won dollar. And now that I no longer work for them, they won’t let me have my money. Yes, I know it’s only $700, and the taxes would decimate it, but it would still help me pay the electricity this month. No, I don’t have a new employer who offers benefits. Sure, I’d roll it into my own IRA, but the investment companies want either $2000 up front, or promises of regular payments.

Fuck you and your Migrant Worker Security piece of shit mandatory retirement planning nanny state, California. And fuck me for not leaping at the oppertunity to leave the first time they turned down my grad school application.

Funny you should mention this. My boss made last-minute plans on Friday to spend this weekend poring over my time cards from the last year to see how many times I stepped over my >20 hour-per-week allowance.

I’m guessing, more than less.

Turns out the auditors are coming around during the next few days. I hope they don’t pull my paperwork. The accountant-type person thinks I’d have to pay in close to $400 (a bit less than a month’s worth of wages*) to retirement if the auditors do find I’ve worked more than I’m allowed. If I quit soon after, I could collect $1.50.


*The bastards. If I walked off the job, would the state then sue me to get that money? And if they did, would any lawyer take the case pro bono? Yeah, yeah, $400 isn’t much to have to pay, but it’s the theory, dammit.

And somewhere in there, at some point in time, I did indeed have that I was talking about the state of Idaho and not California. :smack:

Let me guess: the hours you worked when you weren’t supposed to happened not because you are slow/lazy, but because your boss mismanaged or misguessed the time projects needed.

I don’t understand how any one can run a business successfully in California unless it’s a lawfirm.

Don’t you think that if $400 is close to a month’s wages, it might not be that kind of job? Some people work in the service sector.

If you’re working part time or casual in Australia, superannuation monies (retirement funds)* can* stay in a coffer with the government (and attract no interest and no fees) until you ‘roll’ them over into a fund of your choosing.

Is it not the same in the US?

I don’t understand what you mean. What kind of job do you think I am talking about? $400 a month at about 20 hours a week is exactly the sorts of jobs I’ve been holding, all of which were mismanaged by management, either through willful ignorance or an inability to keep up with changing laws, and all of those were in the service sector.

Not getting why you’re mad at me.

To my understanding it is. I’m annoyed that I don’t have the means right now to roll them over, so they are earning me nothing, that I can’t put them in my own bank account without severe penalty, and that I didn’t have a choice about them being withdrawn in the first place. Mostly the last one.

Pullet, I recently had to transfer an IRA from a former employer after the company I had it with told me I’d have to pay $50 a year if I had less than $20,000 in it. Banks will often let you transfer IRA’s for free, or you might want to look into Charles Schwab, who also let me transfer mine in for free. It won’t help with the electricity, but it might help.

Good luck, and I sympathize with your frustration!


Reason #149 not to move to California.

Good. It’s too fucking crowded here alread.

I’m kidding. Maybe. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think your beef is with California state law, but with the state as an employer. I know I’ve never had anything like that withheld from my many part-time jobs. Since “a good retirement” is on of the things that comes along with getting a job with the state, and you took this job from your own free will, I think maybe you should count your blessings. I got a free bus pass with my job- I’d rather have the seventy bucks, but what can you do?

This is about California, not the United States.


I don’t understand. Minimum wage here is $6.75/hr. If you worked 20 hrs a week, that’s about $600 a month at minimum wage. (and even after taxes, when I was working for minimum wage they held about 15% from my paycheck, that’s still $515) How are they getting away with paying you less than minimum?

You’re not kidding.
Are you?
(I agree, btw.)

Thanks for the info, Siege. I’ll look into the local banks and Charles Schwab.

I guess my beef is with being imployed by the state, even sven. Other parttime jobs I’ve had didn’t fuss with retirement plans either. Maybe they decided to ignore the law, or maybe the law only applies to state jobs. Thing is, I was never told about the retirement plan stuff until I was there in HR signing papers. I mean, one of my jobs was cleaning up after animals at the State Fair. Who goes into that expecting a retirement plan? And my supervisors had already drafted the schedule, so kicking up dust would have screwed them over. Another job, I was working at for a couple weeks before the paperwork even got started.


I’m over it now. Thanks for the sympathy, folks.

Sorry, I should have realized you were the OP before I recklessly posted that. I thought you were making a sarcastic reply to the OP implying that he had worked extra hours because he was, in fact, stupid/lazy. I was just trying to defend you… uh… from yourself? Basically, I’m a doofus. I think I’ll go back to staying out of the pit…

No worries. I should have quoted BrattiAtti to make my reply more clear.

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