Suddenly QUOTES are broken -- ??

After this sentence that I’m typing right now, I’m going to insert the start-quote code (left square bracket, the word QUOTE, right square bracket).

What I anticipate seeing when I post it, though, is literallly what I typed, with no interpretation by vBulletin which seems to have ceased to interpret these codes! That is, in posts I’ve been making (and those of other people that I’ve been reading, not just mine), quotes are NOT indented, and the actual start-quote codes and end-quote codes are clearly visible in people’s posts!

This was not so until today and I haven’t changed anything on my end. Macintosh, MacOS 9.0.4, iCab v.2.7.1

If this post looks as screwy as the others that I’ve viewed, I’m going to browse to this thread in some other browsers.

Yep, it’s bollixed up, as I’d expected. Next visit: Netscape 6

Wonky with WinXP / IE 6 as well. I’m pretty sure it’s not dependant on OS / browser.

Netscape 6 shows the quote tags themselves instead of indenting the quotes, too.

OK, next visit: Internet Explorer under Windows NT.

The vB tags are parsed (or not parsed) in the SDMB’s software, not at your end, AHunter. Changing anything at your end will not help.

On second thought, since Black Knight has done essentially that same experiment, we’ll assume that he’s right and it isn’t an OS or browser issue.

Next question: has anyone successfully logged in manually recently? I’m cookied under iCab, but this was my first time coming here under Netscape 6 since the hard drive upgrade, therefore no Netscape-flavored cookies – and SDMB did not recognize my password. (I’m pretty damn sure I know what my password is, and I didn’t have Caps Lock on or anything). So I had to post the post about Netscape 6 results using iCab to do the posting.

AHunter, it’s not you, it’s gotta be the VBulletin. It’s doing it all over the place tonight–I’ve sent an e-mail to Tuba.

Sample thread.

This thread is doing it, too. Nobody’s quotes came out right, and I KNOW mine were good yesterday, 'cause I Preview like a fanatic and watch to make sure it comes out right.

I just click on QUOTE, delete what aint relevant and it looks like this.

Geez, I hope this works.

I noticed the quotes not working too.

It seems to be working now. Temporary glitch, I guess.

I was futzing around with the settings. It’s fixed now.

The quotes got messed up due to your Admins mucking with the fabric of the universe. We have now fixed all the errors in the space-time continuity, except for one woman in Topeka who will never understand why her kitty is now fuschia, the emergence of a new intellegence on Voltron-32, and the disappearence of several dozen plaid socks from James Bernard’s dresser. Sorry 'bout that.

It’s a good thing I never saw the quote bug, as I was saved by going to karaoke with my friends last night! :wink: :smiley: MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

[sub]Now don’t you wish you had an excuse like that?[/sub]