"Sugarplum Fairies" - pro or con?

Our local Gay Men’s Chorus is planning its annual holiday concert, and the tentative title is “Sugarplum Fairies.” This has caused a great deal of debate among the members, some of whom think this is a fabulous title, and others of whom think it feeds into a negative stereotype. The “given” is that it’ll be a truly wonderful occasion, regardless of what it’s called.

So I’m curious: If you were asked to buy a ticket to “Sugarplum Fairies,” would you be more - or less - inclined to attend, based on the title?

Yeah! It sounds like it would be a good silly time.

Yep - sounds like fun night out.

I’d certainly expect (at least) one number with hairy men in tutus – but I’d definitely attend.

Hmmm. It’s possible that this title would dissuade the six people in your city who have decided that this year, because of their great love for choral music, they will brave the GMC event.

In truth, I would buy a pair of tickets as a gift, confident that somewhere between halloween and the concert date, I would owe some music lover something (for a ride to the airport, petwatching, etc.)

I wouldn’t, but only because it sounds like something for really little kids.

Yes. With bells on!

Are you in the gay chorus, Panache45? I’m in a queer band.

Heck, I’d go. I appreciate a group with a sense of humor.