Sugary Drink Battle Royale! I.E. Dr Pepper vs. The World

This is a battle to the death! Choose whichever is closest to your liking. If you like Diet Coke, choose Coca-Cola and so forth. With only 10 spots for the poll, there is no way I could stuff every little variation in there. So we’re going with the general drink.

Dr Pepper for me!

Coke. Diet Coke these days. My wife switched me over shortly before we got married and now full sugar sodas don’t taste right.

Sigh, no love for the noble Root Beer.

Damn I fail at poll-making. Local Brand probably shouldn’t be a choice because the local brands are all going to be an equivalent of a brand name soda. So Local Brand is going to be an encompassing of all the previous choices, only cheaper. :frowning:

EDIT: Fuck! Forgot root beer. Fail x2 at poll making.

Dad’s or A&W rootbeer, and golden gingerale, like Vernors or premium brands but NOT Canada Dry or pale brands.

My actual favorite is a thing called Birch Beer which I used to get in Detroit at the soda fountain at the ice skating pond on Belle Isle park. I’ve never seen it elsewhere, so perhaps it’s only available in syrup kegs, not bottles or cans.

Pepsi. Dr. Pepper is really good, too, but I still prefer Pepsi.

I was born in Waco. There they give you your first Dr. Pepper on the warming table. There’s never been much choice in the matter, especially since that “choice” would have been Big Red.

Didn’t really have a good option; I prefer ginger ale.

Can you at least humor me so my first poll doesn’t become that big of a failure?

puppy dog eyes

Of those listed, Dr. Pepper.

I decry the lack of either root or ginger beers in the poll, however. I rarely drink sodas, but when I do, it is usually one of them.

Oh, how us non-mainstream soda aficionados are discriminated against! O sarsaparilla, oh birch, how neglected thou art…


Local brand for me = Hansen’s “calorie-free” Ginger Ale.

I like Dr Pepper (just had a Diet Dr P with lunch) but what I drink most often is Clover Valley Diet Cola (which is the Dollar General store brand). It’s diet, which is a must, tastes excellent (not diet-y), and is very inexpensive. I think a 12-can case is about $2.50.

No ginger ale, no root beer, no birch beer, no Mt Dew?

You call this a poll?

Dr. Pepper, and I’m not even from South.

“Other” is often a good idea, even when you think your categories are comprehensive.

had to opt for local brand, I like diet ginger ale if I absolutely have to have a soda, but I have a once a year treat at New Years in the form of a rum and cane cola natural cola. It is generally Pussers or Goslings rum, and this amazing cola.

He even forgot the crab juice!

I picked Dr. Pepper, since I do usually choose that, or it’s generic equal. Faygo (especially Red Pop) is also prefered over Coke or Pepsi.

Mountain Dew!

My grandfather used to get it in cans, but I can’t remember the brand.

I also found some recently here in St. Louis, from a local place. I, too, love the stuff.

Vernor’s Ginger Ale and Dr Pepper are my favorites - i pretty much alternate when I choose a pop.