Suggest an online site to buy wool fabric

I’m looking to buy a few yards of 100% wool online and Amazon has let me down. There are 100’s of sites that pop up in a Google search but I have no idea if any of them are any good. Do any of you have experience buying wool fabric online? It has to be at least 2 yards and I’m especially looking for wool felt.

Jo-Ann Fabrics.

You can always go to eBay and read the sellers’ feedback:

Mood Fabrics. (Joann is ok but does not carry a good range of suiting fabric – more basic cottons for quilting and novelty printed polarfleece for easy crafts.)

What are you planning to do with the wool? Is there a particular budget?

My wife buys a fair bit of wool for Rev War clothing at Dorr Mill:
You can get really nice 18th century style wool from Roy Najecki: Pricey, but this is really the premium stuff.

I have access to a bunch of other sites, which I can probably get when I get home tonight if you’re still looking.

Thanks for the suggestions, all! I’ve looked at a few and I’ll sift through the rest of them later. I’ve already ordered a sample from the ebay store.

I’m going to make heated scarfs out of the wool.