Suggest some place in Europe that'll have warm weather in May

I’m posting this here instead of general questions, because I’m asking for a fairly pointless reason: Due to deciding to change the subplot to a silly story, my character actually is going to be in Europe in May. The problem is, I have no idea at all what the weather is like there. She just needs to go to the beach so she can be photographed there. Suggest a country, please =)


Any place south of the Alps and along the Mediterranean. Southern France should not be too badly touristed up in May.


The town of Cefalu, on the northern coast, is particularly nice. Beaches, and more. Aleister Crowley thought so, too.

Sardinia. Corsica.

Ionian islands of Greece - Corfu, Paxos, Zakinthos, Kefalonia etc

Southern Italy - Puglia

is it a topless beach?