Suggested MPSIMS sticky: check before posting news item

I’ve been reading MPSIMS a little, and a lot of threads are started only to link to a news story or a funny clip. Which is great, but they seem particularly prone to multiple people posting the same thing. I’m sure that people who read that forum regularly will be far more familiar with the exact nature of this problem than I am.

I don’t think it’s a huge problem, but it might cut back on the moderators’ workload if it were reduced. So, maybe it would be productive to have a sticky notice saying, If you’re going to start a thread that’s nothing more than a link to something you’ve seen recently, please read through the first page or two of the MPSIMS forum listing beforehand, to see if it’s been done.

Like I said, though, this problem is kind of new to me. So I may be missing some reason that this is a bad idea. Anyone?

(And has this been discussed before? ;))

Sounds reasonable to me. Merging threads or just closing a redundant one seems to be less than ideal solutions.