Suggestion: Alert warning you that you're about to bump an old thread

Upon noticing a new rash of resurrected old threads, I was reminded of this idea I had once but forgot about.

How about, when posting to a thread that is older than the three month time limit, having vBulletin throw up an alert, something like:

“You are about to post to a thread that is older than our three-month limit. In cases like these, the SDMB recommends that you start a new thread with a link to the old thread. Do you wish to continue? Y/N”

Seems like the date of the thread is stored in vBulletin somewhere, otherwise you couldn’t sort the search results that way. A simple check on the thread date and then an alert wouldn’t be that difficult from a Dev perspective. Assuming the software allows for it.


Sounds good to me. :slight_smile:

Personally, I’ve never understood the complaint about raising old threads.
What’s the difference whether it’s a month old or three or five or twelve?

And I also don’t understand the opposite complaint, that if you post a thread and there was a prior one on that topic, people will instantly point you to it, saying “this was already discussed, and your side lost”.

I say, let the poster decide. If he thinks a new discussion is in order, let a new one begin. If you gave your opinion before, on an old thread, you can feel free to repeat it, or, if you’re so sure that everything possible has already been said, just leave the discussion to those who are unaware of this, and don’t spoil their day.

And if a thread is old but a poster thinks that raising it is a good idea, hey, sometimes it is. And since there are two opinions on the subject, just let the raiser alone, instead of ragging him about it. If the raised thread immediately sinks as “old news”, then that’s OK. And if it draws in new people to the discussion, that’s OK. Where’s the problem? Those who think they don’t want to post on the raised thread can just not post, and let it go without complaining about why you don’t want to post.

I’ve never understood it either, especially since people constantly tell people to look at old, similar threads. If you’re supposed to look at similar threads, and they don’t address exactly what you want to talk about you either bump the old thread and people complain, or you start a new thread and people also complain. :dubious:

I think the OP’s suggestion would prevent the accidental resurrection of old threads … if a warning is given the poster can reconsider, and go ahead and post if they still want to.

The question of resurrection of old threads depends pretty heavily on the forum. We don’t have too much objection in CoCC or CoSR, but in Great Debates or IMHO, it can be awkward. And it does depend on what the new post is.

The main problem, IMHO, is people who are responding to an earlier poster. X said something back in 1999, and now Y posts to respond to it. First, X may no longer be posting on the boards, so is unable to resply to Y, and that seems unfair. It doesn’t mean that X would have ignored Y’s comments back in 1999, but Y sure gets the last word now, since X isn’t around. (If you follow me.)

Second, the issues may be long dead, especially in MPSIMS, BBQ Pit, IMHO… and some dead issues are best left dead, and other issues become irrelevant.

So, it’s not a rule, it’s more a guideline, that we really prefer you start anew, and link to an old thread if relevant.

I get it.

We’re pirates!!


So…what do you think about my suggestion?