Suggestion -flag a thread comming back from the dead.

SOmetimes I have a question and do a search and find another partial answer in a old thread.

I fear if I ask in the old thread (bump onto page one) that people will look at it and say been there done that, or skim the OP and see that it is answered. So I usually start a new OP.

I don’t know what is the correct thing to do but have been thinking of ways to blend the 2 together. Perhaps some sort of back from the dead icon to indicate that there is a new twist on the OP, by clicking on the ‘back from the dead’ icon you are taken to the ‘new OP’ at the end of the posts of the original OP.

Maybe this idea just plain sux, maybe it is impossible, maybe it will give the hamster a heart attack, maybe not but I though I’d bring it up as it sounded pretty good to me and I felt like sharing.

I think most people will see an old thread bumped up to page one and figure that there’s something new there. I guess I don’t see it as a problem.

Well I said the idea may suck (well sux).

I guess such an icon would indicate where the something new was added, so if some posts were added people could easily find the place where something new was started.

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Thanks Arnold Winkelried I knew it must have been a lousy idea :wink: