Suggestions? English/Mesopotamian food

Help me, please!
I’m having a mystery dinner at my house…you know the kind: each guest has a character, there’s a “murder”, everyone has to figure out who the killer is.

This one happens to take place in Mesopotamia, 1895, at an archaelogical dig run by English people.

I was going to make a roast with Yorkshire pudding, trifle, and that sort of thing, but I realized that I don’t have enough room in the dining room to seat 8 people. I decided I wanted to do more of a buffet thing with foods that aren’t so messy: more finger-using, less gravy-dripping types of food.

Does anyone have any ideas that would be appropriate for this era and location? Unless you have a suggestion for something that’s extremely unusual, I can dig up the actual recipes. I found an English cookbook at the local Barnes & Noble, but it pretty much just had stuff with kidneys and brains in it and I’m trying to avoid internal organs that some of the pickier eaters would want to avoid.