Suggestions for a normal sleep routine?

I have a tendency to stay up progressively later each night. Since I have lately been working in the evening, my sleeping routine has shifted so far forward that I awake in the evening, go to work, and then come home and stay up until sunrise. I would be OK with being a night person as such, but that it deprives me of a social life. My questions for the Dopers are:

  1. What suggestions do you have for getting oneself back into a normal routine of waking in the morning and sleeping at night?

  2. What tips do you have for maintaining such a routine?

Bear in mind that the words “responsibility” and “self-control” seldom have meaning to me.

Set yourself a waking hour. Get up at that hour regardless of when you went to sleep. Go to bed when you feel tired. That should do an okay job of keeping your sleep routine reasonable. To get back into the routine, it depends how late you’ve been sleeping. If it’s dawn as you say and you have a flexible schedule, it might be easier to just keep sleeping progressively later until you’re back to normal :wink: