Suggestions for books about fortune tellers?

I’ve been asked to ask y’all if there are any good books, fiction or non-fiction, about the experiences of fortune-tellers. The kind where the heroine has her palm read on a whim and son-of-a-gun, the old gypsy’s prediction came true! Or a charlatan fortune teller sets up shop and discovers she suddenly can see the auras of the marks who come in. Or, “I was a tea-leaf reader at the Posh Hotel Tearoom for 20 years”, or “My girlfriend took a job at the Ren Faire fortune-telling booth”. Whatever. Thx.

You might like “Cons Scams and Grifts” by Joe Gores. the plot centers on a gypsy tribe.

For a hard SF version, there’s Robert Heinlein’s “Life-Line” (his first published story, and still a great one).

Full Facts Book of Cold Reading

This is the straight dope on the subject.

He’s also one of our own. I also have been wanting to get this book for a couple of years now, I just went and did so.