Suggestions for camping food?

I get a flask. But, really? beer?

Son-of-a-wrek had beer in Japan in those cardboard things like protein water comes in. He claims it was bad, bad, bad.

Oh, and @kayaker he brought the first beer ball I ever saw. Apparently it was cheapo beer that was not all that great. He did have to return the tap. I think he probably didn’t, basically just bought it. I guess.

I was talking to a woman recently who said of course she and her boyfriend pack weed, because beer weighs too much.

Taking weed camping has always been a given in my circle.

One year at my friend’s property he saw his wife’s friend’s 13 yo daughter giving herself insulin and thought she was “shooting up”.

One more key fact to complete your pasties edumacation:

Pasties (pronounced “PAY-stee”): The things a stripper wears over her nipples in places where they don’t allow completely topless dancing.

Pasties (pronounced “PAST-ee”): A delicious pastry filled with meat and other savory ingredients. Often topped with ketchup (bleh) or gravy (yum).

If you walk into a U.P. diner and ask for a ‘PAY-stee’ you will either be laughed at or called a troll (the type that comes from under the bridge, not the annoying message board type).

Yeah, us, too.

Can you boil water?

Freeze-dried food, like Mountain House (there are other brands, too, but be careful, some are better than others. There are all sorts of reviews on YouTube). Boil water. Pour into pouch. Wait 10 minutes. Dinner. You’ll need to bring a spoon, too. When you’re done just dispose of the used pouch. Minimal fuss, requires no refrigerator, if you don’t eat all your packages you can save 'em for next year (or next decade).

Add in some fresh fruit, maybe some bread and a jar of peanut butter and a jar of jelly, some granola/Cliff bars, and you’re good for a couple days.

Nothing like a good beer after a long day backpacking and even better if there is a mountain lake or stream to cool it off in. My preferred is Guinness since it’s meant to be not ice cold. Of course, even if I mean to ration it, at the end of day one I sanity check and ask myself if I really want that extra weight on day two?

I have pulled the beer in my buddies backpack trick a couple of times. Hard to keep a straight face when, on the trail, they say something like “man, my pack feels heavy today.”

THC gummie bears are my friend backpacking. I pretty much gave up weed in high school, but if I’m sleeping on a yoga mat in the woods gummies are great.

A few summers ago, ~30 miles into the trail from either direction on section J of the Pacific Crest Trail, a trail angel had left a can of weed with a note to help yourself. I didn’t but that that was pretty great.

At the nicest campsite we stayed in on Section J, way in the back, someone had left a bear proof canister. Opened it up and there was a marvelous cookie that my son devoured like mana from heaven. I left some extra food in the canister. Man, those things are like $100 but both bulky and heavy. It was probably a south bound hiker from the Canadian border. The first two sections K & L go through the North Cascades National Park grizzley country, so I’m guessing when they hit section J they questioned the sanity of carrying the canister.