Suggestions for computer learning

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Now, here’s the thing. I feel somewhat comfortable with the PC for normal everyday use. I can do a very basic spreadsheet, and I can put various things like letters and fliers (used to be a room mom) together on Word, but I need more. The more I try to do, the more I hate fumbling around looking for what I need. I also hate feeling stupid.

Sooo, I need some recommendations for books I can learn from, if such exist. A good step-by-step would be helpful. Is there one that really works for Word and for Excel? I’m willing to work through lessons if necessary, and if I have to do it like learning a musical instrument I’ll take the time. I’m just tired of feeling less than competent with it.

Thanks for any help.

The Dummies series has books on Word and Excel. Have you looked at those?

Whatever you’re looking to do, I bet that googling “<blank> tutorial” would turn up some hits.

excel tutorial turns up many that look promising.

I thought about the Dummies series, but I thought I’d run the question by you guys here first. I figured people here might have some actual experience with some of what I was looking for.