Suggestions for Computer Teaching

I’m helping my grandfather with his computer; it’s the first one he’s ever owned and so he looked to me for help. He has Windows 98 and I set him up with an MSN account last night. I also showed him around Microsoft Works and got him an e-mail address, plus showed him how search engines worked (we found the ship he served on at the tail end of WWII, how cool is that?).

I’m wondering, though, what I should definitely remember to show him about when I go back over there. I need to teach him about copy, cut, and paste, and how to change font sizes; can you think of any “small” things that would probably be useful for him to know in basic computer use?

How to run scandisk etc. Not to delete anything in the windows directory is good 2.

Does he have a printer??

Yes, he has a printer, though we haven’t got it set up yet.