Suggestions for selling a men's suit?

Hi everyone,

Just looking for quick opinions on what the potential is for selling used menswear. I have some hand-me-down suits that don’t fit well, but which are in excellent condition … I’ve asked around at different menswear stores, but I’ve gathered that most of them aren’t willing to buy used suits regardless of their condition. Not really expecting to get much for them, but something is better than nothing for items I’ll never end up using.

Is this something that I can really only hope to give away to charity as a tax deduction, or are there any sorts of places that pay cash for expensive clothing? The only thing that comes to mind (besides including it in a garage sale) is a pawn shop, and they don’t exactly specialize in men’s suits … :slight_smile:

There are consignment shops that specialize in clothing, although I think most of the business is in women’s clothes.

Actually, anamnesis would you maybe feel like emailing me the sizes? Perhaps I can take them off your hands - Mr2U told me just the other night that his suit pants have “shrunk around the waist” - he’s looking for some new duds and since he only wears them for court (no he’s not a lawyer - he’s a defendant) he doesn’t want to spend an arm and a leg. So to speak.

Ebay, maybe?

I bought my first suit about a year ago for $560. I wore it twice, then lost almost 50 pounds. Its now way, way too big for me. I’d like to get a couple bucks back for it, but I don’t see it happenin’. I’ll keep it as a back up if I gain the weight back, I guess.

How old are they?
Vintage clothing specialty store will pay good money.

In my experience, men, despite being less concerned about clothing as a rule, are also less willing to purchase it used. I can’t explain that for the life of me.

  1. Put them on E-bay
    b. Donate them to a resale shop and write them off (I do this all the time)
  • Consider marketing to women if they’re the right size and style. Women look very cool in the “right” menswear.

Oh, it’s pretty new, I’d say … probably went for $300 when it was and has been stored in a suit bag, so it’s in perfect condition, but hardly “vintage”. You got any suggestions for such a specialty store? I’ve looked around at consignment shops and called a few in Chicago and can’t seem to find a single one. They’re all either focused on women’s clothing, charity proceeds, or simply state outright that they don’t buy suits. :dubious:

By the way, my son buys used suits all the time. Lots of folks out there want to keep one around for funerals and such, but can’t afford a new one.

I have heard of organizations that want business clothing for women to wear to interviews. I wonder if anyone does that for men?

Consignment shops seem rather regional. In Texas and thereabouts, “Second Looks” does a good business.

Maybe you are better off going with eBay. Caveat – brand names (not necessarily top-end like Lauren) sell best on eBay. And, don’t violate their seller’s policy (e.g., don’t spam listings as “Rudolfo Arfani, JUST LIKE ARMANI, only $199!!!”). From what I’ve seen, name-known-quality suits hold a decent fraction (still, a fraction) of value on eBay, no-name suits . . . ah, . . .

E.g.: GF bought me a used (real) Burberry twill suit for Christmas off of eBay. Single Most Beautfiul Suit Ever (I went out of the way to lose weight so I could fit into its original size rather than mess with alterations). Retail Price: $900. eBay price: About $400. Neither a homerun for us, nor devastation for seller, but a darn good middle ground for both.