Suggestions for X-Box and PSP games

Hey guys, I’m on two different quests to find games for the two systems we received this past Christmas. Here’s what I’m looking for…

(1) I bought my wife an X-box, primarily so she could play Dance Dance Revolution. But it’s not really my thing – I’m about as graceful as a seven-legged walrus – so I was hoping that I could get some suggestions for fun two player games. That’s the main criterion, that they’re fun. Genre is less important. I should also add, however, that, due to my aforementioned condition, I’m not especially good at games where you have to push four buttons at once while maneuvering two of the three joysticks at the same time. (Seriously, are kids that dexterous these days?) So, for example, most fighting games that we’ve tried become an exercise in “A-A-A-A-A-B-B-L-L-L” button mashing rather than the flawless execution of combo after combo.

So fun, and maybe not too complicated two-player X-box games.

(2) We also got a PSP for Christmas as a gift. Not really sure why, but it’s a neat little piece of hardware. My wife doesn’t seem to have time to play it, but I do somewhat. So, are there any good RPGs for it? I’d especially LOVE a turn-based, multi-hundred hour RPG, but I’m not sure you can find those on any system these days. I guess any standard Japanese-type console RPG will do, although please reference my walrus-like coordination above :slight_smile:


My wife and I enjoy playing the Lego Star Wars game, which can be played as one or two player.

My parents got me a PSP for my birthday because I was talking about it over dinner. Apparently, they are porting over Final Fantasy Tactics, and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night; my two favorite PS games. My original copies have been played to the point of being unusable, and this seemed like a good way to replace them.

I went out and bought Lumines, Sid Meier’s Pirates!, The Warriors, and Star Wars Battlefront II. The first three games are solid choices, and I really enjoy all of them. Battlefront is ok, but shooter games are kind of difficult without the dual joysticks- you just can’t get precise control, and sniping is almost impossible. That’s the reason I didn’t buy Gun Showdown, which is another game I was looking at.

When I went to Gamestop, they gave me a list of upcoming releases, and I think Dungeons and Dragons Tactics looks good. They’re also releasing a version of Oblivion in December, which I was assured was not just the cell phone version. I like Oblivion, but the aforementioned problem with no dual joysticks could definitely be a problem there, too.

As for turn based RPG, they’re bringing over Final Fantasy I and II this summer.

Castlevania has also just been released as a download for the 360.