Suggestions to improve the presidental debates

[li]Moderator: Samuel L. Jackson[/li][li]Wired chairs - Every time they go off topic to attack their opponent on a different subject - ZZZZZTTT[/li][li](It’s not a list w/o 3 items)[/li][/ol]

Your suggestions?

When a candidate has his 2 minutes to answer a question, turn the other candidates mike off.

I favor shock collars myself. They should also be used when the speaker goes over their allotted time.

Each time the shock device is used, the next shock will be higher.

If the agreed upon punishments do not work, several very large and physically talented individuals will remove the offending candidate to the penalty box, where they will remain for 10 minutes without any sound - in or out - while their opponent waxes eloquent, unopposed.

Use the Cone of Silence, and turn each side on alternately for two minutes at a time.

One word, Thunderdome.


A two minute timer for the person whose turn it is to speak.

They did a great thing during a Canadian debate; one of the questions was “Tell the country something positive about (other candidate.)”

That thing never works, Max!

Slingshots and marbles.

On a more serious side: I would love to see at least one debate require that all statements be about yourself and your own policies only.

In a rebuttal you can 1) describe how your policy would be better/different than the one just stated or 2) ask questions about how the opponent’s policy would be implemented. (So an acceptable rebuttal might be “Well, my tax plan would save people $10,000 not just $5,000. But I ask you, wouldn’t people pay more under your plan if they have three kids and make $60,000 a year?”)

Make Peter Sagal from Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me the moderator, and test the candidates’ general knowledge by having them do a round of ‘Lightning Fill in the Blank’.

I’d like, just once, for the moderator to say “Answer the question I asked you, dammit!”

OK, they can skip the dammit if they must…

Come again, Chief?

No moderator. Put them each on a stool in a locked room, with lights and camera. End the debate when they both fall asleep.

Exactly. You wouldn’t be able to hear either candidate.:smiley:


Get better candidates !

Four letters…sounds like-“hit”?

Instead of a debate, switch to something more like a presentation-style format, and have them go back-to-back, then respond to the other person’s presentation.