Suicide bombers in the US. Now what?

Details are sketchy, but this blast in Manhattan creeps me out. Maybe it was just a gas main explosion, but if it turns out that we begin to suffer from our own suicide bomber plague, what can we do about it? Post armed guards at entrances to kindergarten schools? To where do we roll our tanks?

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

Yes, perhaps I should have waited a moment for more details, but there is still a valid “what if” question.

Or perhaps there have just been too many “what if” questions in GD lately.

well if it’s a terrorist attack (which i doubt, but hypothetically speaking), some way bush is gonna tie it back to iraq, he’s just itchin’ to take sadam out. :smiley:

A series of suicide bombs in the States :eek:

Major Major Major panic, confusion, rushing to the extremes.

Have you seen the movie The Siege ?

Quick! Look under the bed! Is that the Bogeyman?