Suicide glamorization, culture, fandom -- what's the key phrase to search with?

I’m interested in a cultural or fad or trend phenomenon that centers suicide ideation and glamorizes suicide, in a groupie kind of way. I think there’s a flavor of suicide interest here that is distinct from the motivation that results in suicides or suicide attempts.

Some examples: the fandom around “13 Reasons Why”, the cult following of “Harold and Maude”, the Lydia Deetz character in “Beetlejuice”, and a faddish following of Sylvia Plath. These are pop culture examples, but I don’t mean to ask about the pop culture topic per se, they’re just very well known handy models of it.

I’ve been involved in some online groups for people bereaved by the suicide of another. Such groups sometimes deal with the issue of “suicide groupies” who want to be around the discussion of suicide. Unsurprisingly the groups also deal with people who are more seriously thinking about and at risk of suicide, a different and urgent problem, just because people sort of wind up in the wrong group. It makes it more difficult and complicated for a peer group of bereaved people, if these populations infiltrate the group

Maybe it’s a bit like the weird phenomenon of disability groupies, like the Dope member Umkay of several years ago.

Anyway, it is easy enough to find information about people at serious risk of suicide, and figure out a strategy for redirecting them to groups dedicated to dealing with that. What I’m looking for is a more accurate picture of the… well, what to call them? “Suicide groupies”? I’m looking for a better place to start, to make more sense of this phenomenon.


These terms might help.

Maybe “Morbid Curiosity”? It goes beyond strictly suicide, but still involves a fascination with death.

Another possible term