Suicide Squad - Terrible audio mix or just my theatre

Just got back from Suicide Squad. I liked it. It wasn’t great, but better than BvS. The audio mix at the theatre was terrible, though. There were many times when dialogue was clearly supposed to have been important, but the music or sound effects just drowned it out. Did anyone else notice this, or was it just my theatre?

No, it wasn’t just your theater, this film not only had one of the worst soundtracks (they picked songs that have been DONE to death in fims, I mean I like the Rolling Stones Sympathy for the Devil but after hearing it better placed in about 12 other films, enough’s enough!) but the volume of the sound was cranked up during random scenes, especially over a lot of the dialogue.

I haven’t seen Suicide Squad yet, but when I saw the last Avengers movie the theater we watched the first couple minutes of the movie and the sound seemed… off (but it was hard to tell if it was an artistic choice because some of the early scenes are subtitled anyway), but then it became clear that something was wrong with the mix (could barely or not at all hear dialogue, while background music & effects were very loud). The theater manager came out and apologized (something about using the settings for the advertisements or something), and they re-started the movie.

Maybe you had a similar situation but no one corrected it? Though probably not exactly the same, because in my case the movie would have been unwatchable with the sound the way it was.
ETA: I remember now, it wasn’t Avengers, but Captain America Civil War

I don’t have any cites for ya, but I clicked on this thread because just yesterday I read at least one comment somewhere and saw one youtube reviewer that each mentioned that the movie had bad audio.

The youtube guy suspected that whoever it was who was in charge of picking the music must have deliberately sabotaged the movie because he was clearly very pleased with his (obvious and overdone) music choices and wanted them to be heard regardless of whatever else was happening on screen.

No audio problems at the theater I went to.

Haven’t seen the movie, but one of the consistent complaints I’ve seen from both likers and haters is that the soundtrack often drowned out key dialogue.

I didn’t notice voice problems, but I notice them when watching home movies quite a bit. Maybe your theater didn’t have the audio set up properly for their speaker system.

Like others, I noticed the very cliche music selections, that was one of my biggest dislikes.