Suicide with determination

No pills, razor blades, guns or such for this guy. First he heads off to the hardware store, buys the parts, and builds a guillotine, then gives it a personal test. It worked. Dayum.

All he had to do is walk into the right Texas bar and yell “Go, Horns!”

Actually I think go Sooners or Agies suck would work at least as well.

Talk about losing your head.

Maybe he just really wanted to know if Cecil was right.

This probably just shows how stupid most suicides are, while also illustrating why everyone should have access to a good and thorough method to do it. Bravo to this fellow. He probably was Dope material, going and researching the best and most certain method, and probably ran test cases with a turkey breast or something I’ll bet. Though I feel a bit sorry that he had to do that for himself. That would be a rather grim job.

IIRC, there are a couple, possibly credible stories indicating consciousness may remain for some time after decapitation. They supposedly involved people saying they would blink, and then the severed head actually blinked. This guy wasted a valuable scientific opportunity.

The master speaks

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I’ve always said that if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right.

The most determined suicide I ever heard of was the guy who killed himself by drilling six holes in his head with a portable electric drill. At the time I read it I was thinking most people would have given up after drilling three or four holes and deciding to just take a bunch of sleeping pills.

That’s no way to get ahead in life.


In Ellis’ Social History of the Machine Gun he recounts the British soldier who served on the Frontier (of what is now Afghanistan). He had access to a wooden training model of a Vickers Gun.

Over a period of months he carved out the interior and made all the internal parts. It was rugged enough for one shot. Which was all he was after anyway.

See? that’s what happens when you shop at Home Despot.

The guy was able to build a working guillotine. He sounds like he was kinda cool.

And now I wish I knew more about him. :frowning:

Perhaps he was concerned about the potential for addiction.

It’s kind of curious that we haven’t heard from Zebra in this thread.


How to lose 5(?) pounds of ugly fat.

Seems like Cecil would have had something to say about this.

he should have taken it even further by attaching a tag to his head that said, “If found, please return to…”