Summer Games Done Quick 2014 is live!

I’m pretty surprised there’s no thread about this. Come on guys!

In case you don’t know, Games Done Quick is a charity marathon held twice a year. Currently, Summer Games Done Quick is live and can be found here:

People speedrun (complete a game as fast as humanly possible) games live for charity. Proceeds go the the Doctors Without Borders charity, with provides medical aid to people in less-fortunate countries. If you’re feeling generous, why not give a few dollars to those who are less fortunate than you?

It really sucks that my post in this thread apparently didn’t make it. I really wanted to see some SDMBers make sly references while contributing. (You get a free message with every donation.)

Stream’s over, but the vids are up on YouTube already; much earlier than usual.

I love watching SGDQ/AGDQ every year for all the new exploits and shortcuts these crazy gamers have come up with. (Morrowind in 5:25!!!)