Summer is coming, what do you expect to photgraph

I was going to say shoot, but the title might have raised a few eyebrows and caused confusion with the firearms enthusiasts.

Winter photography has its own charms, I am sure, but for me I like a bit of comfort when composing a shot, like a pleasant 60 degrees ambient temperature.

So for my first outing, I have a waterfall in mind. Even though I live within a couple of hours of Niagra falls, I think its been shot enough for me to be able to ignore it. So I am going to be travelling about an hour or so north for this waterfall.

I also picked up just recently, as in a couple of hours ago, a bellows attachment for my camera, so at some point, its going to be a bug hunt for me.


I was gonna say waterfall! Here in San Diego county, out in the back country, there are a handful of (tiny) waterfalls. Cedar Creek falls (currently closed, because someone fell and got killed there.) Three Sisters falls. John Dye falls. Mildred falls.

Of course, right now, they’re all pretty much dry. But if we have a good rainy April, then, maybe around May, the time will be right for photos.

Also, on the last weekend of August/the first weekend of September, we’ll be having the Festival of Sail, and that’s always well worth seeing and taking pics of. A week later, they have the Tall Ships Festival in Dana Point, and I usually go to that also. Big three-masted square riggers! OOOHH!

I’m not much of a photographer, but I have a lovely commute home through Rock Creek Park in Washington, DC. I love watching the creek go by, and of course everything is looking all pretty and springy. I keep thinking that I should put my camera in the car and stop for a picture or two on the way home.

Which waterfall? Don’t leave us hanging Declan!

There are a number of beautiful smaller falls around Southern Ontario. I’d like to get back to Webster Falls again this year and it has the added bonus of Tews Fallswithin a couple kilometers.

I’ve actually got a weekend at Niagara planned for May on the American side for a change. I’ve never done the falls tour from that side. I’m also looking for a waterproof cover for my camera because I want to do the Maid of the Mist again.

We’re in Vegas in July again for Defcon/Blackhat so I’ll probably rent a car for a day and do the Valley of Fire since we haven’t been there for a few years. We’ll also probably spend a weekend with the inlaws and spend another day at Sandbanks Provincial Park.

I’ll be photographing the same subject I’ve been doing for the past three years: the Firebug and his friends.

We parents are extremely boring in this way.

I’ve got a three week roadtrip coming up in May. Not sure where I’m headed exactly, but photography of just about anything is high on the agenda.

I’m just getting my first DSLR now, so I’m probably going to go crazy. Summer photography in Vegas sucks though, on account of the 120 degree oven burning your face off - and your camera too. So I’ll try to get out there before it gets too hot.

I want to make trips out to various cool rock formations around here, like Red Rock Canyon or the valley of fire. I’ll want to hit the Grand Canyon too. And I’ve been thinking about making a trip to California and driving up the Pacific Coast Highway.

I also want to get back to Colorado - I drove through it a few months ago and it was just beautiful pretty much the entire way through. I had to keep stopping and getting pictures everywhere I went. Utah has some awesome photogenic canyons too.

I’ve been thinking about trying to find some other amateur photographer to make the trips with me and to learn photography with, but I’m not sure how to go about it. I guess I could post in the activities section of craigslist… but are there other sites where that sort of thing would be more appropriate?

Our gardens!

Whales, eagles, glaciers, moose & mountains! I’m going on an Alaska cruise in a couple of months- can’t wait!

I’m planning a road trip around Lake Superior, so I’d like to think I’ll find some good photo ops there.

I go to the same places every summer. I’ve photographed everything. Seriously.

Except last year I got some things on a cloudy day.

Bugs that are larger than they should be, my outdoor thermometer as it reaches 110+ degrees, and keep a picture record of the local swimming hole as it goes from full to barely a trickle.

We’re heading out for a month-long RV trip to the Southwest: Mesa Verde, Canyon de Chelly and other great sights in the four-state area. I’ve wanted to go there for a long time, so am amped for it.

Pretty bugs.