Summer of 2008 at the theaters!

I predicted that, with the return of Indiana Jones, not since 2005 has there been a decent summer showing. Hollywood has redeemed itself. With gas prices and the election looming overhead, at least the marquee displays some great titles:

Wanted, Get Smart, Kung Fu Panda - stellar action flicks
The Happening, The Strangers - spooky and chlling horror films
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - the main attaction

I’d disagree with some of your assessments (mainly Wanted and The Happening, both of which bitterly disappointed me), but yeah there have been some good summer movies so far. I’d add in The Incredible Hulk as one of them. And we still have the almost certain awesomeness of Wall.E and The Dark Knight to come! I’ll be going to the midnight shows for both.

I’ll admit, I’m also looking forward to Hancock and Hellboy II.