Summer's almost Over-Where are The THONGS?

I am trying to resolve a puzzle…most of the women’s clothing stores in this area carried thong bikinis…and as summer is nearly over, the swimsuits are going away (to be replacedby wool sweaters, etc.) On a recent beach trip, there were very few thong sightings:
-REVERE BEACH -(sightings) = 0
So what happened to all the thongs? Are they languishing in drwaers around the country?
Gals, why aren’t these swimsuits being worn?

Methinks you’ve got the wrong forum, ralph124c.

There are a whole bunch of the on South Beach , don’t panic that’s just the official site for Miami Beach.

The only woman I ever saw in public wearing a thong shouldn’t have been wearing a thong.

Well, if you’ve got the money, they’re right over here.

Or is that not quite what you had in mind?


I saw a woman today whose black pants were so tight, I could tell she was wearing a thong under them.

Even that was too much. Yuch.

Which forum is this?

Summer’s just now getting into full swing. What’re you talking about?

I’ve seen them, but only in snatches . . .

Finally, a serious topic we can all sink our tong… teeth into.

One, the OP has not clearly defined our topic. As any serious butt scholar will tell you, the thong is but one of several types of minimal coverage butt hygene products. (Warning: butts flossing)

Obviously, the OP is trying to trick us. Floss daily, ladies!

I wonder if part of the problem is that you’re in New England. I grew up there and IMHO women tend to dress more conservatively there.

I imagine you would do better in Florida, California, or even the NYC area.

We used to call those flip flops you wore on your feet thongs when I was little.
I used to wear thongs, but not any more.
Haven’t seen any for a while either.

Hilarious, and yet so subtle. I’m buying YOU a pizza!

Moderator’s Note: Maybe they’re over in IMHO.