Summer's Eve Commercial

Saw this the other day:

Entertaining? Absolutely. Empowering? Possibly, but the subtext is that women’s true power is motivating men to do dangerous things in exchange for sex. Given that this really does devalue women’s agency in human affairs, I find this at least a little misogynistic. That, and every woman I’ve ever been with has done just fine with soap and water.

What do you all say?

Meh. They start off acknowledging it as the cradle of life.
Are we going to debate that putting sex on a pedestal is form of female hatred? It’s just a commercial.

I believe a gentleman should always put a woman on a pedestal. One tall enough that you can see up her dress.

I personally couldn’t care less but the gist I got from it was “A woman’s value is in her lay”. Those knights weren’t fighting for the value of her heart or mind (so says the commercial itself).

I’m mildly surprised the usual groups haven’t made more of a stir.

It is a thousand times better than the “Why does my crotch smell like 5 day old fish, ma?”

“Here daughter, take this and wash!”

Ah, after some research, it was Massengill, not Summer’s Eve.

More specifically, “A woman’s value is in her pussy.”

I read it backwards from the OP’s perspective: the ad reminds us that sex is fun and a worthwhile pursuit, and uses a familiar axiom: the fairytale. Just because we are near equality now doesn’t mean we should feign offense and scrap eons of literary history chock full of similar stories. “Man performs heroic act in the name of love.” It’s tongue-in-cheek.

As the owner of a particularly entertaining V, I’m not in the least offended. I mean…that’s what they’re for.

It and it, what is it?

We should put this Summer’s Eve ad against the Dr. Pepper ad in this Pit thread in a cage match. Then we’ll see if our twats are stronger than manly men.

corporate boardroom:

“Who is our target demographic? Women who like to goad drunken guys into beating the shit out of each other, that’s who.”

cut to the back seat of a car, male has his pulped face in between woman’s thighs:

“Awwgh…Tropical Rain! My favorite…ghghgh (pukes into woman’s crotch)”

“Summer’s Eve: we don’t make the vagina, we make it better!”

Also, don’t douche. It doesn’t help and it can hurt.

I hate the commercial because the subtext is that women’s value can only manifest itself through men and their fixation with female genitalia. Apparently this fixation propels men to do great and wondrous things (like fight in slow motion and build pyramids), all while women stand there looking pretty, soaking up the flattery implied by all these feats, doing nothing constructive on their own.

Secondary to that, the message is that retaining our worth to men should factor into our decision to do something as unnecessary and often times as counterproductive to health as douche. There’s a patronizing tone of “Do it for the guys, ladies” going on in this ad campaign. Which makes it the antithesis of empowering.

If pop culture wasn’t so overloaded with one-dimensional women, who routinely serve as little more than vacuous objects meant only to represent men’s sexual/romantic interest, perhaps the ad would be more cutting edge and funny. As it is, all it’s doing is reinforcing ideas that are so pervasive and embedded into our collective way of thinking that no thinks to even challenge them anymore.

I’m slightly amused, not offended at all.

Or, it could be another stupid, tasteless commercial.

I agree with you that it’s stupid and tasteless. My analysis of why I have that opinion doesn’t just stop there, though.

The commercial can also be interpreted as a slam on men. That we’re all hapless creatures to be used and manipulated by women to their own ends. It objectifies us.

Why it’s…it’s matronizing!

Oh boyo Summer’s Eve is in for a couple strongly worded emails. You can count on it!

The commercial isn’t for douches. Its for pussy wipes.

In that case, wiping your pussy is totally recommended.

Again, soap and water is probably sufficient, no? I’ve never been with a woman who had special equipment for maintaining her lady parts, and I can assure you that they all looked, smelled, tasted, and felt good.

That said, and this is coming straight from the heart: the most valuable thing about any vulva is the woman around it. “It” is not the most powerful thing in the world, but “she” might be under the proper circumstances. The ad in the OP is a load of shit.

…but that’s a whole 'nother line of personal care products.

I’m so going to shamelessly plagiarize this, if’n you don’t mind sir.