Sumplete, a math game invented and coded by ChatGPT

Has anyone else tried this new addition puzzle game?

According to the website, “Sumplete was invented and coded entirely by AI (ChatGPT).”

I’ve been enjoying it. It’s good for when I’m stuck on the phone on hold or in a Zoom.

Not an original game:

Lol! Still a fun game.

OK, that raises so many questions. First of all, the current version of ChatGPT was supposedly trained based only on data from 2019, so how did it plagiarize a game from 2020? Second, it supposedly doesn’t retain anything from any session in any other session, so how did it know what “Sumplete” was supposed to be when it re-created it?

And don’t anyone bother to ask ChatGPT itself these questions; it’s unreliable at best at answering any question about itself.

Yeah I was curious about the mention that ChatGPT claimed to be able to access information from another session. It could be lying, but I’m curious was the facts are.

ChatGPT was trained on data to the end of 2021, not 2019. Other than that, it’s not connected to the net. Bing chat is, however.

Computer assisted plagiarism, complete with non-attribution. Nice.

Well, at least it’s not making plausible-sounding but objectively wrong shit up from scatch in this case.

On some of the larger puzzles there are occasionally multiple solutions. I find that disappointing.