sumtimes my gramer is teribul.

I catch myself inserting the apostrophe in “its” when there isn’t meant to be one. I find myself making amateurish spelling mistakes.

I’m better than this so why do I come out with things like “It’s name suggests lag”
I know that when read literally it means “It is name suggests lag” yet I still do it out of habit. I know better.

Eh, don’t feel bad. By all accounts, I’m a grammar nut (I actually cringe when people mix up you’re/your and fewer/less), but I mix up than/then, as well as affect/effect all the time. I actually have to look them up so I know how to use them.

I often get affect and effect mixed up too.

I too cringe at some of the things people come out with on other Message Boards all the time.

Things like “your a tool” or “you play with you’re self at night”

I teach a freshman composition class. Need I say more?

Everyone has spelling/grammar foibles. As long as you understand and can detect them, you’re ahead of the crowd.
I’m totally unable to spell niece without spell-check. But at least I don’t think “ridged” and “rigid” mean the same thing. Or that “through” and “threw” are interchangeable. :frowning:

How about you play with your tool at knight?

It’s human nature, man!

I am usually able to catch these before they get sent out. But when things are hectic I don’t, such as this one…

“We get a record of it in our DB, we just don’t get anything on the internal page because it’s status is ‘requested’ and needs some extra processing to even appear on the page.”
“It is status is requested” is such a horrible phrase.

A much better title would have been “sumtime’s my gramer and speling is teribul”

In hindsight. Considering the recipients of that message, I doubt they noticed the error.