Sunday Dinner

I think I’ll try Flutterby’s roast recipe this coming Sunday, then make Bookkeeper’s version the next week - they both sound so good!

And my spaghetti and meatballs turned out great - I just had some of the leftovers for lunch.


I didn’t specifically mention the crockpot, but we do use it a lot for soups & stews.
Good memory!

Oops, I was under that misconception. But the recipe still sounds great. Mmm, shredded carrots.

My wife and I began a Sunday dinner tradition several months ago. We try to always have something that requires actual work to prepare – where “work” is defined as “it doesn’t all come directly from a box or can.” Last night was a tasty (but easy) corn chowder and crab cakes. I’m hoping for my wife’s awesome roasted chicken next week.

Tell! I’ve been looking for a decent spaghetti recipe. It’s been so long since I last had it…

Sunday dinner was one of my favorite things when I was young, so I kept the tradition. Something special every week, with dessert. This week was stroganoff with home made pasta, fresh green beans, and cookie sundaes* for dessert.

*One still warm home made chocolate chunk cookie
vanilla ice cream
hot fudge or caramel, your preference
whipped cream.

drool I think I just found the perfect dessert to serve after flutterby’s pot roast.

Heh. Glad I could help. FWIW, Andes Candies now takes their irregulars and packages them, shattered, as chips for cookies. They turned out way yummy.

Maureen… that sounds so good. Mm cookie sundaes…

Well, I was kinda lazy and I didn’t make the sauce from scratch. I like Bertolli Marinara with Burgundy Wine. I add two bay leaves, a bunch of oregano and minced parsley, and chopped onions and garlic sauteed in olive oil. I let simmer on low for about an hour. Right before it’s done, I add fresh cracked black pepper.

The meatballs I made with 1 lb ground beef, mixed with more oregano and parsley, a little celery salt, fresh black pepper, chopped onion, Italian breadcrumbs, and some egg. I brown them nicely in olive oil, then add them to the sauce. I love olive oil.

I think it’s pretty good, though perhaps someone can come along and provide an authentic recipe!