Sunday Morning Puzzle # 45

This week’s puzzle is actually a leftover from Sunday Morning Puzzle #44. That puzzle was dedicated to Paul Haines and Mary Bornt. Those who tried to solve the puzzle seemed unable to identify this mysterious duo. Alas, that’s probably because they don’t exist (at least as far as I know). Instead, P.H. and M.B. are in reality 12345678910111213141516171819.

To help further clarify the true meaning of Paul and Mary, I have assembled several clues that should lead the solver in the right direction. The clues, however, are encoded using a numerical theme substitution system. Can you decipher the clues and, once and for all, discover just who Paul Haines and Mary Bornt are?

  1. Associate: J18191412

  2. Associate: 145616D5D1115D10

  3. Associate: 8121982181914

  4. Associate: J91957149311510

  5. Associate: 21819154C1541712414151111

  6. Associates: 13317G1134G141612825137

  7. Associates: 739195758W3177

  8. Not an actual quote by: “82513576718CK51314121645V51310193171885”

  9. Actual quote by: “5V51610C1312WD267157311V5131131734G”

  10. Birthplace: 14582511C124175C83C188

  11. Autobiography: 781318GG1157154D81631819127

  12. Garfield’s nickname for: 825K1337K16317G11512F15195133C6

  13. Unrelated title that should somehow be related: 111213D12F82516317G7

  14. Actually related title: 825G1351585787212W124591682

Or as Tex Guinan said as a follow up to number 8:

“…you just happened to be coming along at the right time.”

Nice puzzle B. Thanks as always…


Congratulations Monkeymensch!
Look’s like you’re this week’s 16317G18678513!

Peregrine: 6C316C187?..W56135J1878C1112W1734G151612184D!

I love this sort of thing. I just read Peregrine’s remarks re #44 and I was just that close as well, with character count and clue length. I would say, B, that you have reached a nice level of insanity for difficulty. Any higher and I don’t know if I can take it.

Again, yoodaman…

And I thought your pals were friends of Hugh Hefner since I found LAPIN, HARE and BUN in their names (with a few letters leftover). Just shows you how misleading coincidence can be.

Now, which way is The Great Egress?